Overwatch Betting on Parimatch

Overwatch is a multiplayer online team shooter. Teams of 5-6 people compete in duels. Each team member chooses a unique character with a certain set of abilities, skills, his own game history.

All characters, depending on the set of skills of Overwatch Betting Online, are divided into different categories: support, defence, assault, tank. The success of each team depends on the set of skills of a particular player, the chosen strategy, knowledge of the game location, the capabilities of the opponent, and the reaction speed of the players. The Parimatch offers a wide range of variant for the clients.

How to bet on Overwatch: tips and tricks

To place a bet on Overwatch, you just need to go through a few simple steps:

When choosing an Overwatch bet, consider the following criteria:

The most popular choice in Overwatch betting Canada is on the winner of the match. This is a simple and reliable option, because most often it is the favourites that beat the underdogs. But odds on the favourite do not always look attractive in terms of the amount of possible winnings, which may be off-putting for some players.

In addition, you can bet on the winners on individual maps (similar to other cybersport disciplines). Overwatch League matches are played on 4 maps. To win, you need to defeat three of them. But regardless of the score, the game is played on all four maps, even if after three the result was 3: 0. And if after four cards the score is 2: 2, one additional card is played.

Long-term esports Overwatch bets are also popular among bettors, where you need to guess the winner of the League season, or predict which teams will make the playoffs or win the BlizzCon World Championship.

Is it safe to bet on Overwatch esports online at Pari Match

Perhaps you still think that esport betting is too much of a risk and it all depends on luck. There is, of course, some truth in this, you will never be 100% sure of the victory of the favourite, however, deep knowledge of discipline, team preparation, and many other things will allow you to raise this chance to a high enough for successful bets.

The margin, commission of the Pari Match bookmaker on Overwatch esports is about 5-9%. At a distance, it is more profitable than betting on table tennis, but worse than betting on top tournaments in football and hockey, tennis, basketball and the UFC.

Overwatch is a young type of esports for which no special strategies have yet been invented. If you enjoy the game itself and want some extra fun, small bets are fine. To make money, it is recommended choosing more popular disciplines.

Online Overwatch betting tips for punters

There is no single strategy to guarantee a player win during online Overwatch betting. The result of the game depends on many things. But knowing the features of the game, you can figure out how to correctly place bets on eSports. Some general strategies will also help you to place your esports bets correctly:

There is no training on esports bets, you need to be able to analyse statistics, check your conclusions with the forecasts given in blogs and forums, and make a rating of players. The ability to play at least a computer game yourself helps to understand the nuances of the game.

What are the advantages of betting on Overwatch in Parimatch Canada

When choosing a bookmaker for bets, you need to pay attention to many points — from the convenience of making bets to the quality of technical support. Parimatch meets all the requirements of modern betting fans. Its key benefits:

It should be noted such advantages as minimal entry of rates, additional bonuses for new clients. To place a bet, it is enough to place a minimal amount.