Live basketball betting at Parimatch

Betters in Canada love live basketball betting for its dynamics and effectiveness. There are many game moments in basketball, and the development of the game often follows unexpected scenarios.

Basketball is one of the five most popular sports among players. It’s fast enough. The peculiarities of basketball allow you to bet on a handicap in a wide range of points, to bet on team and general totals, and in large matches — on individual player statistics.

A significant advantage of live basketball betting Canada is the number of game segments. There are only two of them in football — halves of 45 minutes. In basketball, four quarters of 10 (Europe) or 12 minutes (USA, Asia) are played. And all of the above betting options can be made not only for the regular time, but also for each half of the meeting, even for each quarter.

Before the start of the game, you can bet on the handicap or total of the first quarter, first half, of the whole game. In live, near the end of each game quarter, the player can bet on the next quarter. This way you will challenge yourself in predicting four mini-matches per game instead of one. Players place similar bets using a special basketball strategy by quarter.

How to bet on live basketball correctly: main tips

Live basketball strategy allows two options:

It is recommended choosing the second option to bet on live basketball, because the coefficients are higher and the variance is lower.

It is necessary to find a match in which two equal teams meet, but the bookmakers believe that the odds of one of them are slightly higher. As a rule, this slight bias in the odds arises from the advantage of the home site.

Here’s a perfect fit:

It is logical to assume that Barcelona will not be able to win all the segments. It is hard to believe. First, teams are equal. Secondly, according to statistics, in basketball, it is extremely rare for one club to win all four ten minutes (if teams are equal).

The most reasonable features of live basketball betting online

Even an inexperienced bettor will notice that basketball matches in Europe and the United States are different. All these facts effect the result and the idea of live basketball betting online. The main differences are as follows:

The differences also affect the rates of betting live basketball. The speed of American basketball is the reason for the high totals. You can safely bet on an individual total of more than 100 points. Betting on a three-point shot at the end of the match will also be a profitable bet. Unlike European basketball, there are many players in the NBA who are capable of making an effective long-range shot from behind the arc.

There are also pluses in European basketball. The pace of the game is lower, so you can take less total in a match or a quarter.

Live basketball bet types on Parimatch: what to choose

The Parimatch bookmakers offer a number of betting options in this category:

«Double-double» — a player’s achievement of a double-digit performance indicator in two indicators in the same match. For example, a player makes 14 assists and 16 rebounds. «Triple-double» means the set by the same player of a two-digit value in three parameters. For example, a player makes 13 assists, 12 rebounds, and scores 18 points.

Betting on live basketball strategy at Pari match

The most famous strategy in online live basketball betting is based on a simple assumption: a team, even a hopeless outsider, can win at least one quarter of the favourite. Based on this idea, it makes sense to «catch» that very potentially winning quarter for this team. That is, the basketball quarter betting strategy is based on catch-up. You are catching up with the quarter result you need at the live basketball betting best site.

This strategy has the following advantages:

Since it is initially impossible to assume which quarter will be the winning one, use the catch-up method when distributing the game bank for the match. Bet on the underdog to win in the first quarter. If the bet has not entered, then increase the size of the bet on winning in the second quarter by two and a half times. If your team takes at least one quarter, then you will get back what you spent and make a profit equal to the first bet. If your team loses all four quarters, continue in another match.