NHL Betting at Parimatch

The noise of the skates scratching the ice, the elegance of the movements that contrast with the hardness of the charges, the speed of the game, the reflex of the goalkeepers. These are just some of the components that characterize a truly incredible sport, practiced and followed especially in Canada, but not only there. NHL Betting is a nice way to add some excitement to the gaming experience and get more out of this hockey season. The bookmaker Parimatch provides many markets for NHL as in pre-match so for live wagering. In addition, there are special bonuses for the League matches.

How to bet on the NHL on Parimatch platform

To start making NHL bets at Parimatch you need to go to the platform and click on the registration button in the upper right corner of the screen. In the registration form you must enter your cell phone number and e-mail address, choose the currency for the transactions. It is also necessary to come up with a password. Then, make some deposit on your gambling account.

When you click on the championship of interest in the central part of the page will appear league matches on which the bookmaker accepts bets, then click on the desired odds. The selected bet is displayed in the slip, which is located on the right side of the page. If you want to make an express bet, select several events in the same way, the number of selected events and the total odds will be shown in the slip. If the bet is entered in the Coupon correctly and you want to make a bet, then click “Place bet”.

How to bet on NHL moneyline

This is the most popular and easiest type of hockey betting. All you have to do is choose the winner of the game among the NHL betting odds. Choose correctly and your bet wins. Hockey bets on the money line are always placed with odds.

When you bet on the moneyline, be sure to pay attention to the type of bets you choose, because hockey bets are offered as regular time bets or as OT included bets. Moneyline bets on Parimatch with OT are bets that include over time or shootouts, so once you pick a winner, you just have to be at the very end of the game.

NHL puck line betting tips

Puck lines are part of the points betting odds family, bettors are offered puck lines when betting on field hockey and run lines when betting on baseball. Hockey is a fast-paced, engaging, action-packed sport. Although exciting to watch, NHL contests often end with low scores. When betting on pre-game NHL hockey lines, bettors give up -1.5 goals to back the favorite and receive +1.5 goals to bet on the underdog or loser.

Bettors should pay attention to puck line wager as it can be expensive. The hockey favorites receive more juice pricing while underdogs are posted with a negative number. In a classic example Detroit, bettors could receive 1.5 goals before the game but need the Red Wings to lose to win or lose by one goal. So, with (-180), it costs $180 to win $100 with Detroit.

NHL totals (over/under) explanation

In addition to betting on which team will win, you can also bet on how many goals you think will be scored in the game. This is called a total points bet, also called a “Over/Under” bet. The most common o/u line in today’s National Hockey League is 5.5 goals. If you think there will be 6 or more goals in the game, bet on over. If you think there will be less than 6 goals in the game, bet on Under. Unless otherwise noted, bets on point totals always include extra time goals and shootouts. Sometimes betting amounts show payouts using fractional odds.

NHL parlay wagering details

A parlay is any kind of bet featuring more than one particular game; it may be a single match or multiple events. When you bet on the outcome of several NHL matches, you are betting on that all of the outcomes will occur as expected. To achieve a successful outcome, every event in your slip must be winnable. The result is that you can earn a large sum of money by betting a relatively small amount of money, but that’s only because the probability of each event within your parlay succeeding is quite small.

NHL futures wagering: Playoff Bets

NHL playoff betting is by far the most popular format of NHL futures wagering, especially considering that these lines remain closed until the NHL playoff seeding is officially determined. This online bookmaker provides you the opportunity to bet on not only the winner of individual series, so also the corresponding games. In addition, bets are again being offered on who will win the Stanley Cup, frequently with considerably different quotes compared to those that were available at the beginning of the season.

Hockey Betting strategy

Betting on the outcome in hockey is a classic offer of bookmakers. In other words, we are talking about betting on the winner of the game. For a successful hockey betting it is necessary to study in advance the characteristics of the playing teams, as well as the statistics of the games held by each team.

Betting on the handicap allows bettors to adjust the result of the game, equalizing the odds. If you draw an analogy with soccer, hockey handicap betting does the same thing. Except that the handicap in hockey is a little higher. In soccer, often the favorite team gets a -1.5 handicap, but in hockey, where the puck is scored, the probability increases by -2.5 or more. It is necessary to take into account the fact that the bigger the handicap in hockey, the higher the odds of possible winnings.

Why Bet with Parimatch: advantages

As the undeniable advantages of betting on sports with Parimatch the following factors can be highlighted:

By the way, on the Canada gambling website and the mobile application Parimatch for Android and iOS players support all types of sports bets as singles, expresses, system and LIVE bets, as well as money withdrawal.


What are some NHL best bets?

NHL betting, like many sports, has three main outcomes: T1 (first team win), T2 (second team win), and X (draw). They usually have the lowest margin and the highest betting limits. The betting on total in hockey is also simple and profitable: the average score in a regular-season game is about 5.8 pucks, which exceeds the standard total of 5.5 goals.

How can I practice my NHL strategy?

To make a stable income on hockey, you need to properly analyze the matches and use the appropriate strategies. The kinds of win-win NHL betting strategy to start with may be to bet on:

Of course, some risk will be present, but the application of systematic approaches of correct strategies will inevitably lead to profits.

What is NHL betting lines?

The NHL hockey lines are a list of bets that a bookmaker offers on a particular sporting event. The line may be basic and additional. The main betting line includes the main outcomes, such as team wins, draws double chances, standard handicaps and totals. All outcomes, which are located in the additional menus, make up the additional line.

How to get NHL picks for today?

There are many sites providing NHL betting picks both free of charge and paid ones suitable for the customers of bookmakers who would like to use betting as their main revenue source. Such picks are made by professional and amateur sports analytics, as well as there are betting predictions performed by a computer algorithm. Before betting on any predictions, follow the chosen analytic to check if his picks are really winning.