Live betting Parimatch: sports, markets, broadcasts and how to do it

The bookmaker offers its customers to bet on all popular sports. Among live betting Parimatch options you can find those that almost every player is interested in: soccer, hockey, tennis and basketball. But besides them, less popular sports are also available:

Therefore, Parimatch is the ideal bookmaker for those who do not just want to win, but also to really have fun and enjoy watching sporting events. The sportsbook broadcasts matches live on the official website, mobile version, as well as in the applications for Android and iOS. Video broadcasts can be found in the section with live betting on all platforms. Such events are marked in the line with a red rectangle with a play icon.

In most cases it is the first thing a player sees when he goes to the bookmaker’s site. You can work with the Live line the same way as with the pre-match line: first the player chooses a sport, sees the current events available for wagering. The bookmaker gives an opportunity to place any kind of bet from the live bet: it is possible to place the single, choose several matches and collect them in express, or collect the anti-express, system.

In play betting online at Parimatch bookmaker

Parimatch gives you an opportunity to make money by making a prediction on a match that is already on or is about to start. The odds of live in play betting react quickly to the situation in the game, so the chances of winning depend on the attention of the bettor and the ability to calculate the situation ahead.

The main live events are placed on the main page of the mobile format and on the Canada website full version. And the entire list of matches is in the “Live” menu, which you will get from the main menu. In addition to betting, the player can watch live broadcasts of the competition. Convenient analytics and statistics allow you to correctly assess the strength of teams and the overall result.

Which sports are available to bet in play and odds options?

Users of Parimatch have at their disposal a wide range of events for betting, good odds and the application. In the bet live section, you can find both the games that have already started and those to be started in the near future. The size of the spread depends heavily on the status of the tournament and match. There are usually no more than 20-30 options for live betting on the small markets. Closer to the end of matches the spread becomes scarce, but the main outcomes bookmaker tries to keep until the last minutes.

Soccer in the live section is the most widely represented. The line presents not only the top tournaments, there are often matches of the lower leagues of European, Asian and African countries. Offered betting and on youth league matches. The player can bet not only on the main outcomes, but also on individual scores, statistics and outcomes by halves and segments.

How does live betting work in live mode?

Only registered users can make bets. That is why you need to go through a procedure of creating a personal account first of all. Then the algorithm of operations for live betting online will be as follows (the instruction is valid for bettors who use mobile add-on or mobile version of the site):

When you play In-Play, you should keep in mind that the pairs are accepted very quickly. BC sees about 10 seconds. Since the quotation during a game changes very quickly, making a bet on the highest odds is not so simple. Increase the chances will allow a useful option “Quick bet” or “Accept changes in coefficients”. You can activate them in the In-Play section.

Thus, it is possible to opt in for auto-acceptance of changes in odds, which will significantly minimize the precious time in this situation to place a bet, but increase the risk of making an error. It is possible to put auto-acceptance only on decrease or only on increase of odds. Such functions are used mainly by experienced players, it is better for beginners to avoid the function “Auto Acceptance” and follow the changes in quotations independently in the betting coupon.

What are the benefits of live betting with Parimatch and differences in odds

This type of betting is chosen by both newcomers and experienced bettors. The first likes the minimum wager of 1$, others quick results and winnings on the live betting site. But these are not all advantages of In-Play, there are others:

Quotes in live change many times during the game, and the odds are usually much lower than in pre-match bets. These are the biggest difference of the Parimatch live feature. The reduction in rates is due to punter wagering on the game, which gives him a big advantage. Making decisions, knowing about the injuries of players, disqualifications, change of players is much easier to choose a right strategy. Before the game the odds on the favorite are too low? Sometime after the start of the game it can increase markedly. Especially, this applies to betting on the total: after the start of the match odds on the total, as a rule, increases.


What is a live bet?

Live betting or in-play are bets during the match, after the start of the event. The value of the odds changes depending on what is happening on the field. If a team scores a goal, the odds on its victory will decrease. The Live line is similar to the traditional line, but odds change every 5-10 seconds, so you have to make quick decisions.

What are the best ways to win when live betting?

The live sports betting method of earning is most often chosen by experienced punters, versed in all the intricacies of the game and able to play on the change in odds over a shorter period than a full match. Try to watch the matches on which you bet live, it will increase the chances of success.

What is the best time to place a live bet?

Time paired with your sports knowledge can help you win a lot of money. The key moments of the match: the first halves of both halves, when you roughly begin to understand the course of the game and, of course, the endgame of the match. Most interesting live betting online is on the final part of the match.

Is Live betting profitable?

To regularly win on live betting sports, you need to be well versed in the sport on which you bet. The most important advantage of live wagering is the ability to watch the game and evaluate the form of teams or individual athletes while watching the broadcast. This possibility allows the bettor to adjust his bets, reacting to the events in the game.